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Swimming Pool

The training pool facility is 15-feet deep which allows for realistic simulation of water activities for our offshore safety training courses with two safety divers, two safety look-outs and pool Supervisor. Helicopter underwater escape and sea survival exercises are all being carried out with HUET module, aviation and marine life rafts in the facility.

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Fire Ground

The Fire Ground area has a 60-feet container smoke house used for Self-Rescue activities while using the smoke hood. It is equipped with smoke generator that produces cosmetic smoke to simulate individual and small group escape during fire emergency. The facility also has different fire tubs for different classifications of fire to be extinguished by using portable fire extinguishers, fire blanket and a hose reel. The area is an open-space with shed, shower and eye wash for the welfare of the training staff and delegates.

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Lifeboat Station

In the Sea Survival Practical, depicting a Real Evacuation Scenario the delegates are involved in a fast-paced Evacuation response, including the T-card transfer, muster call, Survival Craft Boarding and Launching activity. The fully operational/functional Life Boat Station Positioned at the PISTA Launch pool shows PISTA’s commitment to providing the most realistic experience possible.

Training delegates’ Welfare and Safety

Complimentary shuttle service
Individual lockers with combination locks
CCTV surveillance cameras
Free WiFi ( FW )
Break time coffee and tea ( BT )
Male & Female Wash room

Training Facility & Equipment

  • 21.80 x 10.80 meter training pool ( MTP )
  • HUET Module (4 seater) ( HUETM )
  • Life jacket air pocket plus EBS ( LAPP )
  • Abandonment Platform (Knotted Rope)
  • A full range of aviation and sea survival life jackets
  • Marine Life raft , Aviation Life raft (MLR) , ( ALR)
  • Helicopter rescue winching strop ( HRWS )
  • Aviation Life raft
  • 3-ton overhead crane , A 1-metre jumping platform
  • Boat & Platform simulator , Swing Rope Boat Transfer
  • Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA)
  • Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC)
  • Smoke House with Smoke Generator ( SHWSG )
  • Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Unit ( ES & EWU )
  • Fire Tubs,Hose Reel , 4 Classrooms ( FT ) , ( HR )
  • Marine Life raft

We Have a Best Training Facility & Equipment !