• PONDICHERRY INTERNATIONAL SAFETY TRAINING ACADEMY is SOUTHERN INDIA’S first and only specialist training provider in safety, survival and emergency response training specifically for personnel working in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.
  • With well qualified, multi-national staffs that professionally engage and safely educate and train the delegates using specialized classroom facilities and spacious practical training sites in simulated environments, PISTA develops skills and safety behaviors that address the current Industry norms.This enables maximum delegate’s participation and knowledge retention as their preparation to work in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • The Offshore (Oil and Gas) Industry Scenario and PISTA : Is a fast-changing and highly innovative industry. The recent technological advancements in oil and gas exploration have led to a significant impact on the health and safety qualifications required, especially for those engaged in offshore operations.
  • At PISTA, with the prestigious accreditation by OPITO (a training standard setting body), we offer a range of courses for workers in this sector and these are delivered as per OPITO standards.
  • Few Additional training elements are included to meet both INDIAN and INTERNATIONAL REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS.

Safety Elements

Apart from “Safety First” we at PISTA integrate three key elements into all our training

  • PISTA in partnership with OPITO and in collaboration with PISTC ( Pattaya, Thailand based training center) is committed in helping to ensure that all OPITO Approved training Center.
  • Training programs are successful in further improving the safety culture. The one of a kind, State-of-the-art training center is dedicated to the training of both new entrants and experienced.
  • Offshore workers and we look forward to welcoming you to PISTA of both new entrants and experienced offshore workers and we look forward to welcoming you to PISTA.
  • By ensuring these elements, PISTA provides the best training experience and competency achievement with a continuing emphasis on safety behavior and good client relations approach.